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The mecanisms of the market regulation and the improvement of promoting fishery and aquaculture products:

  • The contribution to the market regulation and to the improvement of promoting sea products in the interior region of the country according to the circular of the ministry of agriculture number 106 published on May 11th 2016:

              * Funding the freezing and the storing of sardine.

             * Funding the refrigarated storage of fresh sardine.

             * Contribution to the commercialization and promoting blue fish,sea bass and sea bream in the interior of the country.

             * Support the transport of fishery products from the fishing ports to the factories.

             * Aid to the ice transport.

             * Funding the quality improvement of sardines.


  • The practical procedures of the profit of financial concession for the encouregement of fishing,valorization, and marketing of crab in the Golf of Gabes according to the circular number 273 published on October 31 2017:

           * Spport the cost of purchase price.

          * Support the cost of handling,freezing and storage in the collecting points.

          * Support the cost of transport.

          * Acquisition of 1000 selective fishing units (fishing traps).

          * Polarization of professional and private stuctures for the installation of crab collecting points.


Ministerial circular N°106

Ministerial circular N°273













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Le GIPP est un organisme interprofessionnel chargé de la régulation du marché, de l'amélioration de la qualité, de l'encadrement des professionnels et de la promotion des exportations dans le secteur de la pêche et de l'aquaculture en Tunisie.

The GIPP is an interprofessional organization in charge of the regulation of the market, improvement of quality, framing of the professionals and promotion of exports in the aquaculture and fisheries sector in Tunisia

المجمع المهني المشترك لمنتوجات الصيد البحري مؤسسة ذات مصلحة عمومية تتمتع بالشخصية المدنية و بالإستقلال المالي تحت إشراف وزارة الفلاحة.


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