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  • Decree n°68-228 of July 13rd, 1968 relating to the rules of hygienes and safety applicable to personnel buildings and material of the food preserve factories. JORT 12 July 16th, 1968 p 812-813.
  • Decree n°68-328 of October 22nd, 1968, fixing the general rules of applicable hygiene in companies subjected to the labor regulation. JORT, October 22nd, 1968, p. 451-453
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  • Decree n°95-1474 of August 14th, 1995, bearing designation of the matter competent authority of technical control to the import and the export of the agréage and fishery products buildings. JORT August 25th, 1995 n°68 p1741.
  • Decree n°2001-576 of February 26th, 2001, fixing the amount, the methods of perception and of use of the contribution relating to the operations of veterinary sanitary control to the importation and with export. JORT March 6th, 2001, V.144 (19) p.419-420.
  • Decree of the Ministry for the Agriculture of March 3rd, 2001 fixing the medical rules governing them operations of the self-checkings for the fishery products. JORT March 13rd, 2001 V.144 (21) p.524-528.
  • Decree n°2002-668 of March 26th, 2002, organizing the intervention of the veterinary doctors and control agents medical veterinary surgeon with the import and export. JORT April 9th, 2002 (29) p.873-882.
  • Decree n°2003-1718 of August 11th, 2003, relating to the fixing of the general criteria of manufacture, of the use and the marketing of materials and objects intended for to come into contact with the foodstuffs. JORT August 22nd, 2003, 2566-2569.

ََAbout us

Le GIPP est un organisme interprofessionnel chargé de la régulation du marché, de l'amélioration de la qualité, de l'encadrement des professionnels et de la promotion des exportations dans le secteur de la pêche et de l'aquaculture en Tunisie.

The GIPP is an interprofessional organization in charge of the regulation of the market, improvement of quality, framing of the professionals and promotion of exports in the aquaculture and fisheries sector in Tunisia

المجمع المهني المشترك لمنتوجات الصيد البحري مؤسسة ذات مصلحة عمومية تتمتع بالشخصية المدنية و بالإستقلال المالي تحت إشراف وزارة الفلاحة.


  • Address: GIPP- 37 Rue du niger, 1002- Tunis – Tunisie.
  • Tél: +216 71.905.876
  • Fax: +216 71.905.982
  • العنوان: 37 نهج النيجر، 1002 – تونس
  • الهاتف: +216 71.905.876
  • الفاكس: +216 71.905.982
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