The start of the study for the evaluation of GIPP interventions and the development of a 2018-2027 action plan


The Steering Committee of the GIPP Evaluation Study and the Development of a Strategic Action Plan met on Wednesday, 18 July 2018 at 10:00 am at GIPP headquarters to discuss the initial report of the second phase of the study.

 In its quest to develop its services and the pricing of its interventions, the GIPP systematically evaluated the interventions to identify the most important problems and the difficulties that its objectives could disturb and modify its plans to contribute to the development of the maritime fishing sector. in Tunisia in accordance with the legal and institutional framework.

It should be mentioned that the group carried out three major and reference evaluations, the first in 2007, carried out by a special consulting firm, which made it possible to draw up the "2017 -2008" plan for cluster interventions in the sector. The second and third assessments were conducted periodically by the group every five years from 2011 and 2016. Six years later, the Board mandated the Sigma design office to carry out a detailed evaluation of the first decade, which included a review of the current status of cluster interventions against the results of previous reports for the development of a 2018-2027 strategic plan.

In accordance with the reference manual and the expected objectives, the completion of the study was programmed in two phases:

- Phase 1: Diagnosis of the current situation and evaluation of the interventions of the group from the point of view of the Bureau of Studies and Occupation and all the beneficiaries of the services of the GIPP with a critical analysis of the development of these interventions during the last decade.


- Phase II: Preparation of a strategic plan including development plans for the interventions of the complex during the next decade "2018 - 2027".