Sea bass breeding season begins in the pilot scale marine & freshwater fish hatchery at Tabarka

The GIPP, through the Tunisian-Italian cooperation project FAD- Support  to freshwater fish  value chain at  northwest area, begins the sea bass breeding  season forward by  nursing   ongrowing and  acclimation to fresh water for restocking in the body waters of the dams of the Northwest region. Endue to  increase fishermen's incomes. Indeed, the first successful experiments in seeding began in 2012.

Soon in this month Chelon labrosus-kind of grey mullet breeding season will start within the hatchery.  Breeding Technology Transfer of the two species was achieved with the help of Tunisian and Italian experts.

The hatchery is an innovative demonstration unit to channel an offer and an application to the technicians and engineers under national or international farms such as training cycles conducted in cooperation with OADA on breeding of sea bass.

In this context, the GIPP work towards the achievement of program contracts with the institutions concerned (PPP) for optimal operation of the pilot scale hatchery of Tabarka