Missions of GIPP

According to the law n°2005 -16 of February 16th, 2005, amending the law n°93-84 of July 16th, 1993, relating to the interprofessional groupings in the agricultural sector and agro-alimentary;

Ensure the connection

between the various phases by which the products within the framework them dies pass, to help the producers to be integrated into it


the producers, the transformers and the tradesmen of the agricultural produce with worker by means of contracts of production,


the dialog enters the professionals and the administration in order to lay down the objectives of the various dies



to the market equilibrium while using of the various mechanisms adequate and in collaboration and coordination with the company doctors and administrative concerned.

Take part

in the promotion of exports in collaboration and coordination with the company doctors and administrative concerned

collect, analyze and file

the invalidations, to put do not place data banks referring to the sectors object of their intervention and to proceed to the perspective studies relating to reality you them of these sectors on the national plan and international

Les produits phares de la Tunisie

The leading products of Tunisia

المنتجات الرائدة في تونس

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ََAbout us

Le GIPP est un organisme interprofessionnel chargé de la régulation du marché, de l'amélioration de la qualité, de l'encadrement des professionnels et de la promotion des exportations dans le secteur de la pêche et de l'aquaculture en Tunisie.

The GIPP is an interprofessional organization in charge of the regulation of the market, improvement of quality, framing of the professionals and promotion of exports in the aquaculture and fisheries sector in Tunisia

المجمع المهني المشترك لمنتوجات الصيد البحري مؤسسة ذات مصلحة عمومية تتمتع بالشخصية المدنية و بالإستقلال المالي تحت إشراف وزارة الفلاحة.


  • Address: GIPP- 37 Rue du niger, 1002- Tunis – Tunisie.
  • Tél: +216 71.905.876
  • Fax: +216 71.905.982
  • Mail:gip.peche@gipp.tn
  • العنوان: 37 نهج النيجر، 1002 – تونس
  • الهاتف: +216 71.905.876
  • الفاكس: +216 71.905.982
  • البريد:gip.peche@gipp.tn